Strategies for Writing a Book

by sitemanager

Writing a book has basically two components, one, a subject, two the process.  Most everyone has an idea rolling around in their head for a book, that’s the easy part! It’s in the implementation or the writing process where they are lost.

Pick Your Subject

 If you don’t already have a great idea for your book then you might want to make a list of at least ten subjects you are knowledgeable about. Next, narrow your list by selecting a few of the simpler subjects you could write about. The choice you make will be a key factor as to whether or not you will complete your book or not. In other words, chose a path of least resistance, at least for your first book.

Research Your Competition

 Check out your competition. By researching the top 10 to 20 best-selling books on your subject or in your genre you can see what has been covered before and discover some gaps that you could present new information. Also these competitors will serve as a contact list later when you’re soliciting testimonials from other experts in your subject/genre.  Be sure to check out the review on these books as well. Here you may find clues to previously missing information.

Outline Your Book

 Before you start to write, make an outline of the topics you want to include in the book. List ideas, stories, examples too so you can include them as you are preparing your chapters. Preparation is key in getting a book done so begin with the end in mind and map it out first.

Just Write

 Your first draft doesn’t need to be perfect, either grammatically or with punctuation. Just write freely and resist the urge to edit as you go. Once you’ve reached your writing goal take a moment to review, make a couple corrections if necessary and then walk away.  Before you begin your next writing session, read what you previously wrote (unless you plan to write a different chapter). This will help you to continue the flow and transition from chapter to chapter.

Be The Expert

 Having researched your competition you may have discovered things that have been missed or not covered completely by your competition. Think of ways that you can be different as you share your knowledge.  Create a list of questions, contact a few experts and even conduct interviews. Make your writing remarkable, valuable, and authentic. Be the expert.

Seek Help

 It’s a good idea to seek outside help to make your book just right. You’ll need to make sure the content sounds the way you want and the interior / exterior look the way you want. Instead of trying to do it all

yourself there are plenty of professionals out there that can do those things for you. They can offer excellent resources for brainstorming book ideas and conducting research, or simply offer you more tips on how to write a book.

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