Need your help with new Tag Line. Apple iPad Mini to Winner.

by Michelle Prince

Our new Blog needs a fresh Tag Line that says it all in a few words. Its important and we need help. So important, we are giving a new Apple Ipad Mini to the winner.


Can you help me? If so, click on this link to list your ideas. To help with your ideas, we start with 3 questions to help the creative juices flowing.  🙂

Here’s some background to help

We are about helping would-be authors, and repeat authors, with each step of their book writing journey — from conceptualizing,  to drafting, to publishing. We bring together in our Blog some of the best ideas and solutions out there, from a wide range of successful authors world wide.

So what would you call that?

Thanks for helping me. Click here to start


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One Response to Need your help with new Tag Line. Apple iPad Mini to Winner.

  • Kris O'Connor says:

    I’m looking forward to reading more about writing a book. I liked the question want to write a book but don’t know what to write about…that’s me! I hope to figure something out in 2014!

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