5 Essential Elements to an Author’s Platform

by sitemanager

Building your online presence is essential to creating an audience for your book as well as selling your book. Here are five essential elements for an author’s platform, regardless of genre.

Author Website

 Your website is the center for your book and all the marketing materials you will need. Your website doesn’t’ have to be big, just 4 or 5 pages (pages for your book, about the author, marketing materials, order form/buy now link, and maybe contact the author).

Online Syndicated Articles

 Nothing creates buzz like online syndicated articles. Share your knowledge with your target audience. Get exposure where you can.

Author Media Social Sites

Every author should have the top three social medial sites, Facebook, Twitter and a blog. These are free to set up and easy to manage. There are many applications available that will help schedule your posts so you don’t have to waste time each day updating your social media. (HootSuite has a free level and is easy to use.)

Blog Placement

 Blogging is still one of the best ways to gain awareness as an author. Being a blogger on reputable blogs increases your exposure and enhances your social outreach exponentially.

Professional Press Release

 A professional press release contains elements that the media is accustomed to seeing. If your press release is not professionally written and formatted you might miss great opportunities or not be taken seriously as an author.

Targeted Press Release Distribution

Once you have a professionally written press release getting the word out is a huge part of the overall effort to promote your book. You will gain exposure for your website and/or places where your book is sold with quality backlinks.

Setting your author platform up correctly, even before your book is published, will give you a head start on promoting your book and gaining sales. Plan ahead for a successful book launch.

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