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Our new Blog needs a fresh Tag Line that says it all in a few words. Its important and we need help. So important, we are giving a new Apple Ipad Mini to the winner.


Can you help me? If so, click on this link to list your ideas. To help with your ideas, we start with 3 questions to help the creative juices flowing.  🙂

Here’s some background to help

We are about helping would-be authors, and repeat authors, with each step of their book writing journey — from conceptualizing,  to drafting, to publishing. We bring together in our Blog some of the best ideas and solutions out there, from a wide range of successful authors world wide.…

Have you been told by a friend or relative “That would make a great book!”?  You think to yourself, “Yes, yes it would,” but then fear and anxiety take over because you have no idea where to start the writing process.

While undertaking the goal of writing a book is admirable, it is a hard and sometimes long process. But like every worthwhile goal,  it can be done with some simple planning, goal setting and scheduling.

First Things First

Write down your idea. Take the time to outline all the topics you want to include in your book. You can do a simple 1, 2, 3, a, b, c type outline or if you think better through visual aids, create a mindmap of your book.…